A little bit about who you'll be working with.

From a young age Andrea has had a passion for health and fitness. She grew up playing multiple sports including soccer, volleyball and basketball. She continued with soccer and played 4 years at the varsity level on a scholarship at Acadia University in Nova Scotia. After obtaining her Kinesiology degree she returned to Saskatoon to begin her personal training career.

Andrea has spent the last 5 years working with clients to increase strength, lose weight, become healthier and help control chronic health conditions. She has experience working with individuals, groups and sports teams.

Andrea is a firm believer that overall well-being is important in life and she can provide the healthy strategies to help clients make health and wellness become a lifelong commitment. She has a passion for helping people and can design customized nutrition and fitness plans to help clients achieve their desired goals. Andrea is dedicated to providing high quality training to clients of all fitness levels and ensures proper technique and movement patterns are performed to help provide the best benefits and prevent injuries. Her goal is to apply her experience and knowledge of health and fitness to help clients succeed to their fullest potential

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